jueves, noviembre 16, 2006

Inglis squill (?).

And I survived. I made my presentation and all was like I had thought: enough long, fun, alive, entertainment and with a lot of problems because of the pronunciation.

My scores(from 1 to 5, in where 1 is passed):

Introduction: 4
Development: 4
Conclusion: 5
Discussion: 3

Vocabulary: 3
Pronunciation: 2
Flow: 5
Eye contact/body language: 5

Final grade: 3+/4

[Thanks to Paloma, who repaired my power point]

2 comentarios:

Jil. LO dijo...


el 5 en eye contact/body language...no vale si comparas la escala espanola con la finesa...

enhorabuena Adro!

Paloma dijo...

Si, si pero si no llego a arreglarte la preentación...vaya fea que hubiese sido!

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