martes, enero 23, 2007

Walking over a lake.

This has been one of the most scarying moments here, in Finland. After going to the sauna and swiming in the hole in the ice of the lake ( yes, a hole on the ice... cold), we decided that... ok, a finish guy decided that the best and faster way to arrive to the bus stop was walking over the lake, and as he seemed so selfconfident, we followed him... it's incredible. You are walking over the water, like Jesus, and you know that if the ice is not able to keep you over, you may die. It's too difficult to take someone out of that situation. Actually some finnish guys told us that there are many people who dies due to that things. So we were very threatened.

This lake is the biggest close to Tampere, and last week we, Andrés and I, went to a sauna near this and it wasn't frozen, and now... walking over it... I can't believe it. It's a pity that the pictures doesn't show how big and how incredible was that. In the picture it seems that it was too dark to see anything, but it's because of the camera. You were able to see far away and it was wonderfull..... ufffff. Great. Posted by Picasa

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Michi dijo...

Da gusto ver como progresa tu inglés y como se nota que estás mucho mejor alimentado que tus amigos :)

Después de ver estas fotos me lo pensaré dos veces antes de volver a llamarte Adrajao... Que no! :P

Paloma dijo...

Vaya....ahora resulta que tengo un novio intrépido.
Espero no tener que ir a sacarte hecho un cubito de un lago finlandés...jummmmm